Experience a superior clean like never before

Remove up to 10x more plaque than manual brushing with our Sonic-Care Brushing Technology.. Thanks to the  38000 vibrations per minute that deeply penetrate into your teeth and gums, blasting away plaque and bacteria for a visibly whiter smile.

Unlock a visibly whiter smile with up to 10x more plaque removal than manual brushing. 

Take the guesswork out of brushing. Leave no one behind.

Stay on track of your cleaning experience with a built-in timer that prompts you to switch areas of your mouth every 30 seconds. Oradent’s Smartsense sensors will guide you through a two-minute brushing cycle, ensuring that every area of your mouth receives the attention it deserves.

Let our SmartSense Timer guide you through a two-minute brushing cycle.

Your enamel is in good hands

Our Dupont brush heads are designed to work seamlessly with our sonic technology. The soft bristles of the brush head are gentle on your teeth and gums, ensuring that your enamel is protected from any damage or scratches. With our EnamelShield brush heads, you can confidently brush your teeth knowing that you are getting an effective clean while keeping your enamel protected, and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

Choose our Dupont brush heads for a gentle and thorough brushing experience. 

Bulky electric toothbrushes are a thing of the past.

PRO-PULSE has been thoughtfully crafted to be 45% lighter*, providing a seamless experience comparable to holding a normal toothbrush. Designed to be taken with you on the go, so you can enjoy a clean, healthy mouth no matter where you are. Its clean lines, matte finish and minimalist design feature a range of colors sure to impress in any setting.

Experience the future of dental hygiene with our 45% lighter PRO-PULSE toothbrush. 

Never worry about running out of power

With an extensive battery life of up to 60 days on a single charge, travel the world with confidence and never worry about running out of power. Plus, our easy-to-use USB charging capability means you can charge your toothbrush from any part of the world. Whether you're on a business trip or a vacation, you can trust Oradent PRO-PULSE to keep your smile looking its best.

Customize your brushing experience

With three different cleaning modes, including Gentle, Deep Clean, and Advanced Polish, you can customise your brushing experience to fit your unique dental needs. The advanced polishing mode provides an exceptional level of teeth cleaning recommended by national dental clinics. Whether you want a gentle clean or a deep cleaning, Oradent PRO-PULSE has you covered.

Switch between Gentle, Deep Clean, and Advanced Polish modes for a personalized clean. 

Convenience and style at your fingertips

With its compact size and long-lasting battery, our toothbrush is perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you're packing it in your bag for the office, or taking it with you on a sleepover, our toothbrush is designed to be your perfect companion. It effortlessly fits into your lifestyle, ensuring that your oral care routine stays on track no matter where life takes you. With its compact design and reliable battery life, our toothbrush is the ideal choice for the modern-day global traveler. Take control of your oral health wherever you go with our versatile and travel-friendly toothbrush.